The Keighley Big Local Partnership offers funding to help local residents, groups, business and services support local events in the Keighley Big Local Area.

Keighley Big Local will give the people the power to create communities where everyone of all ages have the chance to live and play happily, where streets and open spaces are clean, safe and welcoming and with a supportive community which is strong and fair.

Think you could help? We have 3 types of grants available to help you fund a project or event.

For Keighley Socialites, £50,000 support for social enterprise.

The following headings will take you to different forms that you can fill in , if you wish to apply for a grant.

Here are a some people who have already received grants from the Keighley Big Local:

06/04/2020PartnershipKeighley Big LocalBD215NGCommunity Fund£00,350.00Hot food delivery & support for HWCC£000,400.00Keighley Town Council
06/04/2020Melanie HeyKeighley Healthy LivingBD212JHCommunity Fund£04.000.00£4,000.00£180,000.00Power To Change
07/04/2020Pauline MarshallResidentsBD215NGRapid Response£00,075.00VE Day Singer/ Celebration
06/04/2020Ma Kelly & the Dinner LadiesResidentsBD215NGCommunity Fund£00,500.00Hot food delivery & support for HWCC£000,400.00Keighley Town Council
06/04/2020Emma BaylinShared Harmonies CICBD212JHCommunity Fund£00,250.00Online Community Choir
04/04/2020Ian HowardFamily JamRapid Response£00,050.00Lock-down video
27/03/2020PartnershipKeighley Big LocalBD215LECommunity Fund£00,250.00Budget to respond to COVID Plan for Keighley East£000,250.00Keighley East Councillors
27/03/2020Phil SheridenDisocver Tai ChiBD214JSRapid Response£00,050.00Online Video
17/03/2020Mel FrancisTrees for CitiesBD205ABCommunity Fund£02.500.00Edible Playground Project for Riddlesden St Marys£025.000.00Tree for Cities
£005.000.00Riddlesden St Marys
BD214QHCommunity Fund£02.000.00Edible Playground Project for Parkwood Primary£025.000.00Trees for Cities
£005.000.00Parkwood Primary
26/02/2020PartnershipKeighley Big LocalBD215LECommunity Fund£00,100.00Table at keighley Community Awards
19/02/2020Sue PatchettRiddlesden Toad PatrolBD205EJRapid Response£00,050.00Hire of KCT Mini Bus to Toad Summit
13/01/2020Jack ArmitageResidentsBD226JARapid Repsonse£00,050.00First Aid Equipment for Big Local events
13/12/2020PartnershipKeighley big LocalBD215LECommunity Fund£01.600.00HWCC Foodbank with Living Lights
02/12/2019PartnershipKeighley Big LocalBD215LECommunity Fund£02.100.00TMCE Traffic Management for Residents
06/01/2020Davina MerrittResidentsBD215ATRapid Response£00,050.00Essentials Box in Aiedale Hospital Wards£000,030.00ASDA Keighley
28/11/2019Emma Groves -JonesResidetnBD205HPCommunity Fund£00,300.00Defribulator & Training £001.000.00Keighley Town Council
£000.200.00National Trust
21/11/2019Sue PatchettRiddlesden Toad PatrolBD205EJCommunity Fund£00,050.00Prromotional Video for Riddlesden Toad Patrol
06/11/2019Alison McCleanPlastic Free KeighleyBD205ESRapid Response£00,050.00Plastic Free Keighley Pop Up Banner/ Litter Pickers
15/10/2019Jo Horroxe5 Womens ProjectBD213JDRapid Response£00,050.00Guest Speak at HWCC International Womens Day
14/10/2019Laura SunderlandRiddlesden HedgehogsBD214DLCommunity Fund
09/10/2020Carly NewsholmeResidentBD214HQRapid Response£00,030.00Eco-Glamour Fashion Show at Keighley College
28/09/2019Liz McDonnellKeighley gala CommitteeBD21 4QYUnique Keighley£02.000.00Keighley Gala activities in Keighley East£010.000.00Keighley Town Council
02/09/2020Si PiSi Pi The Poerty GuyBD16 keighley Socialights£00,050.00Green Drinks Guest Speaker
01/08/2019Liz FisherFriends of Park WoodBD214TARapid Response£00,050.00Friends of Park Wood Summer Social
18/07/2019Emma Groves-JonesRiddlesden BrowniesBD205HPCommunity Fund£00,500.00Repair of Guide Hut Roof
17/07/2019Bernie StentonRiddlesden Cricket ClubBD205AHCommunity Fund£00,240.00Riddlesden Fun Day
15/06/2019Suzanne TrewarthaAire Valley WanderersBD227HYRapid Response£00,050.00Emergency Kit 
16/05/2019Graham MitchellIn Motion BD227RNUnique Keighley £02.000.00Keighley tramsport Festival 2020£000,000.00BMDC Tourism Grant
£000,000.00Keighley Town Council
18/04/2019Claire YoungHWCCBD215NGRapid Response£00,050.00Easter Egg Hunt
28/03/2020Claire YoungHWCCBD215NGRapid Response£00,050.00Woodwork for Children
26/03/2020PartnershipKeighley Big LocalBD215LERapid Respponse£00,050.00UK Parliament Workshop  Refreshments
01/01/2020Jo RusdenKeighley CollegeBD214HQCommunity Fund £20,000.00 Keighley on Aire Community radio£020.000.00Keighley CLLD
01/01/2020Jo RusdenKeighley CollegeBD214HQBig Local Plan £40,000.00 Hainworth Wood Community Centre£020.000.00Keighley CLLD
01/01/2020Jo RusdenKeighley CollegeBD214HQBig Local Plan £50,000.00 Keighley Youth Service Apprenticeship£050.000.00Keighley CLLD
01/04/2018PartnershipKeighley Big LocalBD215LEBig Local Plan£05.000.00Hainworth Wood Community Centre Community Builder 
10/11/2020Bradford Credit UnionBD1 1HYCommunity Fund£00.250.00Christmas Activity Packs£005.000.00Various
05/11/2020PartnershipBD215LERapid Response £00.050.00Santa Suits
03/11/2020Velcrocity Tag RugbyBD214BDCommunity Fund£00.300.00Equipment and Training
03/11/2020ResidentsBD215NNCommunity Fund£00.250.00Arts & Crafts£000.500.00Keighley BID
27/10/2020Keighley Cat CareBD213QUCommunity Fund£01.000.00Cat Neutering
18/10/2020Ma Kellys KitchenBD215NGRapid Response£00.050.00Half-Term Meals
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