Big Local Plans

The change we want to make and how we will go about it

The new 21-26 plan is available now!

Our plan is a document we write for ourselves, our community and Local Trust.

It is a guide and action plan that our partnership can follow, share and use to get others involved.

From 2019 all plans will include 3 elements.

  1. The costed vision looks at things in a big picture way in a broad way, how the full £1million will be spent by the end of the Big Local programme in March 2026.
  2. Our action plan will contain the most detailed information about how we will deliver Big Local in Keighley – like a manual for delivery.
  3. Our legacy statement outlines what we hope and plan to leave behind post-Big Local. By legacy we mean what remains when the Big Local £1 million is spent.

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