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The River Worth is a river in the Keighley Big Local; flowing from moor land through the Worth Valley into Keighley where it empties into the River Aire. The river corridor provides a green corridor of natural habitats, wild fauna, flora and floodplain.

In 2015 Phil Sheridan a Big Local resident and member of Salmon and Trout Conservation UK gave a presentation about the River Worth to the newly formed Keighley Big Local Partnership.

As a result the Partnership agreed to fund and support the ‘River Worth Friends’; a mutual support network of residents, groups and business with an interest in the River and its environs

River Worth Friends has 3 aims: To  bring   the   River   into   focus   and   raise   its   status   as   an   important   asset to  the   people  of  Keighley; to Raise   the   River’s   status   as   a   rich   and   diverse   home   for   people,   wildlife, and   business and to  engage   residents   and   business   to   take   on   a   pro-active   role   in looking   after   the   river

The River Worth Friends is now an established interest group, supported by the Aire Rivers Trust. With the continued support of both Big Local and the Aire Rivers Trust it regularly involves residents from Stanbury [the headwaters of the River] to Keighley [where the River empties into the River Aire] in campaigning, sharing knowledge and delivering practical action.

If you’d like to get involved then please do get touch. Message the group via Facebook, ‘like’ and follow  the page to keep up to date with event, progress and news.


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