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The HALE Community Bus!

Date/Time - 03/10/2018 - 21/12/2018 - All Day

Whats happening?

All on-board the HALE Community Bus! HALE’s Mobile Venue is the perfect space for outreach projects and events throughout the community. The bus is purposely designed to help residents enjoy activities together, where they might not otherwise access community spaces. The bus can be used for children’s play, leisure learning, consultation or cook and eat sessions. Would you like to see the HALE Community Bus in YOUR neighbourhood? Get in touch!

The HALE community bus will be available on the following dates:

October 2018:

3rd Wednesday

5th Friday


12th Friday

17th Wednesday

19th Friday

24th Wednesday

26th Friday

31st Wednesday


November 2018

7th Wednesday

9th Friday

14th Wednesday

16th Friday


23rd Friday

28th Wednesday

30th Friday 

December 2018

5th Wednesday

7th Friday

12th Wednesday

14th Friday

19th Wednesday

21st Friday

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