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Community Grants 2018-21


The Keighley Big Local Grants Programme is designed to enable individuals & organisations to deliver projects that help make Keighley Valley an even better place to live. The projects must help the Keighley Big Local Partnership meet the aims of the themes set out in the Keighley Big Local Plan. The themes were developed from the extensive consultation. What the Keighley Big Local Partnership learns from the outcomes of the grant funded activity will help them shape Keighley Big Local in future years. To learn more about the themes, we have provided you with a copy of the Keighley Big Local Plan 2018-2021.

Grants up to £50 are available. You can apply for one grant. The grants are available on a rolling programme for activities across the Keighley Valley starting April 2018 and must be spent before March 2021. 



To be successful, the applicant must:

  • Be a service, group or individual benefiting communities within the Keighley Big Local Area known as ‘Keighley Valley’. Please refer to the Keighley Big Local Plan

And an activity must:

  • Provide direct benefit to communities within the Keighley Valley
  • Address one or more themes within the Keighley Big Local Plan 2018-2021

Successful Applicants will:

Be an individual who works, lives or plays in the Keighley Valley or a service or group including the Big Local Partnership, interest groups, social groups, cooperatives, charities [including local branches of national charities] and local authorities acting for the benefit of communities within the Keighley Valley, whose primary focus meets the aims of the following Big Local Plan [2018-2021]Themes: ALL for Play, A Great Outdoors, Community Pride, Better Together and Learning Together Sponsors will be required for applications from individuals or groups without a UK based Bank Account

  • Permission must be obtained from your chosen Sponsor before passing their details to us.

Excluded Applicants

  • Groups & Individuals that cannot demonstrate to Keighley Big Local Partnership an interest in furthering the purpose and meeting the aims of Keighley Big Local
  • Groups & Individuals that use their surplus for the benefit of an individual or business

Excluded Activities

  • Applications from religious bodies where there is no wider benefit for the local communities within Keighley Valley
  • Applications from Local Authorities & Statutory Services seeking grants for core activities
  • Applications to support fundraising, campaigning or any other activity associated with any political party
  • Applications to support individuals
  • Only one application per person/organisation may be supported in a our year [April- March]
  • Grants will not be awarded for generic ongoing running costs.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions below set out the relationship between Airedale Enterprise Services [as the Local Trusted Partner of  the Keighley Big Local Partnership and herein referred to as AES] and you as an individual or your group.

  • The amount awarded is final and AES will not increase it if you overspend or have worked out your costs incorrectly
  • Any unspent money should be returned to AES within 3 months the end of the grant period
  • AES will not be responsible for any expenditure (on assets, equipment, or your project) you have incurred before you receive our letter confirming details of the grant provided.
  • From time to time, AES may use photographs and details about your activity in any publicity about the grant., please advise if you are unwilling to agree to this.
  • Successful applicants must agree to a visit by AES, or Keighley Big Local Partnership and provide a report on how their award was used and the benefits experienced by the communities within the Keighley Valley
  • AES can ask you to return all or part of the grant if we find that you have used it for a purpose other than that set out in your application or any information in the application form or a supporting document was incorrect or misleading or your project ends for any reason
  • If you have any queries contact

Keighley Big Local Partnership

Airedale Enterprise Services, Sunderland Street, Worth Way, Keighley BD21 5EL

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