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Many of our residents do not share a sense of belonging and being a part of the community and that there is not enough opportunity to interact and share common experiences. We want to continue to provide opportunity for celebration. We will aim to further establish the annual Children’s Play festival as well as support other initiatives; larger events or small residents-only street parties, a celebration of an occasion, a fundraiser or a opportunity to simply bring people closer together. Supporting activity, projects, festivals and special events which provide effective marketing of the Keighley Valley we can help reverse any negative images of the area. By sharing the skills our residents gain organising these we will be able to help others achieve a day to remember too. This theme will promote local, regional and national initiatives as well as a celebration of our built heritage, our people and customs across the decades. Providing opportunities for all ages to explore different parts of the area that help to piece together the story of where we live. In the long term we hope to use this theme to encourage activity and networks between employers and residents that can sustain partnerships and develop mutual beneficial goals for social and economic impact.

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