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Hainworth Wood Community Centre

Keighley Big Local is supporting the only Community Centre in the Keighley Big Local area with a support package and £25,000 of funding


Hainworth Wood Community Centre has been in existence for over 30 years and operates in an area of relative disadvantage i.e. higher than average worklessness, workforce with no qualifications, lone parent households, children in poverty, one pensioner householders and a variety of reported health issues and  related benefit take up.

There are few amenities locally and transport is a limiting factor (in terms of both cost and frequency) in accessing activity and facilities in the town (1.5 miles). The centre is well placed at the heart of the community, it is the only resource available in the locality but it is recognised as underused. Struggling in recent times due to a period of extended ill health of its former community development worker it was further compromised by related decision by the district council to cease funding for community development.

The running of the centre is now reliant on the goodwill and commitment of the management committee and small number of volunteers who are dedicated in providing a number of activities and events at the centre; by their own admittance they do not have all the necessary skills to operate a full or extended programme of activity. Support is given by a CD worker employed by a partner agency whose part time (22hrs) remit is the whole of the ward and therefore focused work is limited.


Trustees and the Members of Hainworth Wood Community Centre (HWCC) have with the Keighley Big Local Partnershi produced a Strategic Plan and business proposal for the future development of the centre; looking at where we are now and where we want to go in order to benefit our community in the future, recognising that we are operating in a changed (and changing) financial climate.

We have ambition to move from a resource focused/consumer model to one that is less about what is lacking and meeting ‘need’ – to one that recognises the strengths of the people and places that surround us. Our role moving forward is to explore the natural assets and potential of residents and our locality and to create the enabling conditions to help make a positive difference, the function of a welcoming, responsive and inclusive community centre is fundamental to our approach.

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