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A safe environment for play remains the number one priority for the residents we spoke to. Residents told us their children spend a decreasing amounts of time outdoors; part of the problem is parents and guardians find it a challenge to balance reasonable concern and the desire to let children play outside, particularly in the many communities within the Keighley Valley Big Local area where green open space and formal play provision is limited. Our contract with Get Out More CIC, to deliver exciting outdoor play will be extended. Play Workers will also offer opportunity for Parents, Guardians and Partner organisations to learn new skills to deliver play work. In a formal and leisure learning capacity. A new Summer Camp will also be developed to showcase our achievements. In this theme we will continue to address our communities perceptions of young people and anti social behaviour. We will provide focused opportunity for young people to be more proactive & creative; making a positive contribution to our neighborhoods through practical action. Play is not just essential for children; it can be an important means of improving mood and well being for young people and adults as well. This theme aims to increase opportunity for play by encouraging local solutions through partnership work, enhancing established services and creating new services and provision.

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