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A Great Outdoors

The majority of residents we spoke to recognise the wealth of green open space and green corridors which exist within our area of interest. The Keighley Valley [and adjoining neighbourhoods] consist of a number of green open spaces, ranging from recreation grounds, formally laid out parks, semi-ancient woodland, canal & river corridors and small areas of land located on streets known as ‘pocket parks’. Many residents feel that unprecedented budget constraints have led to spaces being under managed, becoming less attractive and underused. Much of this open space is managed by the Local Authorities and Social Housing providers. Although underused, these open spaces contribute to our communities overall quality of life; providing habitats where nature and wildlife can thrive and where communities can enjoy healthy lifestyles while in-turn building stronger communities. We want to connect these open spaces and promote a culture of embracing streets as ‘friendly’ public space. Encouraging businesses and community organisations to work with us to install more seating.
This theme will support practical action and organised activity which will encourage our communities to work more closely with land managers.

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